How to Participate in Walmart Survey? Do you have the receipt? You must be 18 years or above. Go to to get started with the survey to win $1000 Gift Card.

Many people love shopping. People like to buy new clothes, new shoes, new mobile phones, laptops and stuff for themselves. Then there are some of the people who do shopping because it is necessary not because they like it. Hence, whether you like it or not you just have to do shopping doesn’t matter if it is for you or it is for your house, family or friends. People always like to shop at the stores where they find everything of their need not where there is little stuff, and they have to move from one place to another to buy different stuff. There are really few stores which are providing everything of people’s need under a single roof, and one of the most successful such organization is Walmart who is providing with some really quality products to its customers whether is it some food item, or it is an electronic item, you will not regret buying things from here.


Walmart was founded by Sam Walton on 2nd July 1962 at Rogers, Arkansas, United States. Headquarter of Walmart is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. Walmart operates over 11,500 retail units under 65 banners in 28 countries. Walmart is working successfully without a single downfall since 1962 satisfying its customers and operating worldwide with successful business strategies. It’s is providing its customers with great services including even those customers who are not being facilitated through their stores on the landscape, through their online shopping services.

Products Walmart provides

The products located at the Walmart are of the best quality because they don’t want their customers to complain about anything, and they should get the right product at the first time. Apart from an excellent quality that the Walmart products provide it also offers special discounts on its products and concern about saving its customers money as well. Some of the categories of the products provided by Walmart to its customers are as following:

  • Walmart provides its customers with the best quality clothes of men, women and children with the latest trends and style that is followed all across markets.
  • Walmart also has the latest designs of the furniture whether we are talking about bedroom furniture or a TV room sofa, you will find all kinds of furniture here.
  • People these days look for electronic products more than any other type of products. Walmart will provide you with the best electronic devices range whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop or any famous brand tablet.
  • Walmart has a special corner for kids where they will find a beautiful variety of toys to play with.
  • Walmart also has a special corner for women makeup products where women will find a vast variety of makeup of all famous brands they know.

Walmart Survey

A survey was conducted by Walmart for their customers to know about what their customers have to say about their performance and how can they improve their performance for the customers.

To Access the Walmart Survey:

  • You must have the receipt of the Walmart.
  • You must be a citizen of Canada to attempt the survey.
  • You must be 18 years or above to attempt the survey.

To Attempt the survey at

  • Go to
  • Select the language in which you want to attempt the survey.
  • Enter the store and ID number mentioned on your receipt.
  • Enter date of your visit, name, email, city number and phone number correctly.
  • After providing all the information correctly, you can now answer the questions of the survey and submit your feedback.


To run a successful organization, you must know what your customers think about the services being offered to you and what are the drawbacks people have in their views about your services. This can be done by a survey. You can ask different questions from your customers to get an idea what they think about you, and you can also take their feedbacks to focus on your weak points to make customers satisfied with your performance.

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