Most of the companies give 2-year contracts for early termination fees for smartphones. The major problem arises when you talk about swapping the cell phone careers and sticking with the old phone for the new customers. Many companies are providing wireless data services but a very few number of companies that have managed to satisfy their customers with their performance. One of the companies who has managed to develop people’s trust on them is T-Mobile.


T-Mobile is a wireless network operator situated in the United States. It was founded in 1994 by John W Stanton. Headquarter of T-Mobile is situated in Bellevue, Washington, United States. This company falls in the category of Wireless Telecommunications. This company provides its services to United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. This company is currently operating the third largest wireless network across the United States. They are providing fast internet facilities to its customers as well.

Services Offered by T-Mobile

Multiple services are being offered by T-Mobile across the United States. This May includes services like Wi-Fi, different SIM numbers, Data Storage portals, Mobile phones by ZTE and Alcatel and many more. Some of the highlighted services they provide their customers are as followings:

  • T-Mobile is providing customers with different wireless Wi-Fi packages including Frequency Brand of 1900 MHz PCS, which has brand number 4 and has radio interface of UMTS/HSPA or up to 42 MBs with generation 3G as well as 4G.
  • One of the leading Wi-Fi packages of T-Mobile is of frequency brand 5 GHz which has brand number 255 and has radio interface of LTE one of the most advanced technology regarding wireless internet with generation 4G.
  • T-Mobile has launched another service named as “Hotspot” to represent several of its techniques and products.
  • Another very relaxing service that the T-Mobile provides to its customer is named as InReach program that allows their customer to have a free cell phone with restricted number of voice minutes every month but for low-income eligible families only.
  • Through T-Mobiles, the customers can also avail the services of GoSmart and have a mobile SIM kit.
  • T-Mobile has also launched their mobile phones that include Alcatel OT 838 and ZTE V768 etc.
  • T-Mobile also plans to expand its services to banking cards as well that may include Visa card and credit cards.

Advantages of Switch2TMobile

If you are using any other mobile carrier other than T-Mobile then you should start thinking of switching over because unlike other T-Mobile do not bound you to any 2-year contract. Moreover, you will get access to the unlimited network.

T-Mobile Survey

To stand on a strong foundation and keep on building your way to the top you need to pay real close attention to what your customers have to say about you and keeping the same view in mind T-Mobile conducted a survey to collect information about themselves according to their customers. Survey can be accessed through and is opened to all the customers.


To get an idea of your reputation in the eyes of your customers, the survey is the best way to access to your customers and give them a chance to open up and tell their experiences with your company. T-Mobile also gave a chance through a survey to their customers to tell their views to T-Mobile so they should know that in which direction they should move in future to please their customers.

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