JCPenney Hours of operation – What time does JCPenney open? What time does JCPenney close? Participate in the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey to get a chance to win $500 JC Penney Gift Card by telling your feedback regarding their products and services.

Are you ready for some real deal shopping? Think you can handle stuff from shoes to hat, pencil to jewelry, power cells to mobile phones and makeup to furniture, etc. under one roof? Well, guess what you just got across the JCpenney’s now. You might want to rethink your idea of buying stuff from 5 to 6 different kind of stores far apart from each other to get what you want and wasting your 3 to 4 hours of the day. JCpenney is offering their customers with the best variety of clothes, shoes, jewelry, house wares, electronic stuff, furniture, etc. and of course of best quality as well. To make their customers shopping easy for them, the JCpenney are working at their full potential to satisfy their customers and to make them think that there are still some people who care about them and their money at once. The prices at the JCpenney are low as well to avail or these services from the JCpenney stores you need to keep information about the JCpenney’s hours of providing services.

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JCpenney is a departmental store that is providing their customers with all the facilities of shopping that they need to have a good experience. The JCpenney was founded on April 14, 1902, and almost serving their customers for more than 110 years now and are successful in gaining people’s trust upon themselves. The founders of JCpenney were James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus, and the first branch was located in Kemmerer, Wyoming, United States. The JCpenney headquarter located in Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas, United States. The slogan of the JCpenney’s says that “Every Day Matters” and they are working really well to prove their slogan. Since 1998, there are serving their customers through online retailing. A total number of JCpenney stores are 1,060 that are serving people.

JCpenney Hours of Operation

As mentioned earlier, the JCpenney stores are departmental retailer stores that are providing many daily need items and other products that may include clothes, shoes, etc. to their customers. They have worked successfully to gain their customers trust upon them and are working hard to come up to the expectations of their customers. Some of the main products they provide are as followings:

  • They provide some of the best quality clothes from various brands that are famous and trust among their customers and provide them with a wonderful variety for all including men, women and children.
  • JCpenney provides a vast range of jewelry that is of latest design and especially girls like to stop by JCpenney stores for shopping for jewelry.
  • JCpenney is more than just a retailer store. It is providing its customers with restaurant facilities as well, in which they provide some delicious food that the customers like to taste while shopping at their stores.
  • JCpenney is also providing their customers with the facility of the saloons.
  • A unique and beautiful range of handbags is founded at the JCpenney for women. Most of the women of United States who live close to the JCpenney’s stores love to buy handbags from them.
  • There is a huge portion of electronic items that contains a variation of products for customers who are looking for machines and stuff to transform their manual work into what people call done by machines.
  • JCpenney is one of the largest apparel and home furnishing retailers. They have different forms of lasted designed, and beautifully wood made furniture at their stores.

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JCPenney Hours

As JCPenney is providing a lot for their customers under a single roof, so they expect more and more customers every day. All their customers have to do is keep in mind the JCPenney hours to avail an opportunity to be served by them and witness the extreme of what people consider a good shopping store. The opening time for the stores all across the United States is 10 AM all days of the week except for Sunday when the stores open at 12 AM. The official time for the closing of the store is 9 PM all 6 days of the week and on Sunday, the stores close at 7 p.m. As the timings tell, the JCPenney stores remain open all seven days of the week.

TalkToJCPenney – JCPenney Survey

A survey was conducted by the JCpenney to gather information about themselves and their reputation among the customers and getting an idea of what people think about them. JCpenney cares about their customers a lot, and the love of the customers is something that is helping them in moving forward for the last more than a hundred years.

To Access the survey at

  • You must have an internet device so that you may be able to access the online survey questionnaire of JCpenney.
  • You must be a legal residential citizen of the United States.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to access the JCpenney survey.
  • You must have the receipt of the JCpenney so that you can attempt the survey questionnaire.

To Attempt the JCPenney Survey

  • Visit the website to access the survey questionnaire of the JCpenney.
  • Enter the 22 digit Access code on the given space exactly as it is printed on your receipt from the JCpenney store.
  • You have now accessed the survey.
  • Answer all the questions according to your experience at the JCpenney store.
  • Give your feedback at the end as well.

TalktoJCPenney – Advantages

Many companies have experienced failure because they keep on making future policies without listening to their customers and without considering what they want. The customer is the key part of your business who will decide whether you are good enough to survive in the market or not. It is really important to keep the customers happy whenever they visit you. Your rating among your competitors in the market will be according to how to satisfy your customers are from your performance and your services. The survey is the best way to gather all these information from a customer. Their feedback will help you in deciding what policies you should adopt in the future to satisfy them and to be successful.

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