Sonic Hours of operation to taste the best fast food – What time does Sonic open? What time does Sonic close? Participate in the Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey to get a chance to win prizes by telling your feedback regarding their food and services.

Looking for some unique taste of burgers and sandwiches? Tired of one type of typical burger recipe? Well, there is a place for you where you can surely find some new taste of typical old fast food with new recipes as well. Some restaurants are serving fast food all over the world. We cannot even count that how many companies are busy in serving fast food from how many branches they possess. But when you are talking about Sonic that is not just a fast food restaurant that is serving regular fast food. They have modified the traditional recipes and added some modern flavors in it by the demand of their customers and are successfully running their fast food chain and satisfying their customers on a very large scale. The customers only have to remember the Sonic Hours of operation to taste the best fast food flavors they will always remember.

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Researchers have found out that the world is shifting their taste from other tastes to fast food rapidly no matter what part of the world you are talking about Sonic has been successful in gaining the attention of their customers in serving some delicious fast food burgers and sandwiches mainly. Sonic was founded in 1959 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States. The founder of Sonic is Troy Smith. Sonic aka Sonic Drive-in is a quick service fast food restaurant chain that is serving more than 3 million customers per day in more than 3,562 branches all across the 43 states of United States. The Sonic headquarter is located in Oklahoma, United States. The official slogan of the Sonic is “America’s Drive-in”.

Food items Sonic Provide

Sonic provide all the fast food burgers and sandwich which many other restaurants provide as well but the main difference between the sonic food and other restaurant food is that Sonic have their recipes for preparing them that have extra ingredients included in them which add up the flavors to the next level one can’t even think of eating. To taste such flavors, you just have to visit Sonic restaurants in your town remembering the sonic hours of dining only. Some of the best foods offered by the sonic are:

  • If you are a burger lover then you must try Super Sonic Double Cheese Burger, and you will totally fell in love with the burst of taste experienced by you while eating it. It is a burger which I always will prefer other the other restaurants burger.
  • Another beautiful taste burger is a Super Sonic Double Bacon Cheese Burger offered by the Sonic. It looks so amazing that you cannot resist having it.
  • If you want to have a light burger, you should go for Sonic Cheese burger which will keep you fresh providing you all the tastes you wish to have in a simple burger.
  • Sonic specializes in serving some quality hot dogs as well. One of the most delicious, filled with outstanding flavor hot dog is Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog. This is a special hot dog that you will only find it at Sonic.
  • A very different flavored hot dog you will find at Sonic is New York Dog that is made by the Sonic keeping in mind the modern taste that people like nowadays.
  • Sonic also provides some of the best breakfast items that can cheer up your whole day. These breakfast items include Breakfast Toaster, which is a heavy breakfast, Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito and you will just love the Cross Sonic Breakfast sandwich.
  • There are many side dishes offered at the Sonic such as onion rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Potato Tots, Jumbo Popcorn Chicken, etc. with different drinks that include flavored candy slushes, Fruit Slushes, Limeades, Soft drinks and Ocean Water drink as well.

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Sonic Hours of Operation

Sonic cares about their customers a lot and whatever they offer at their restaurants are only for their customers, that is why they always keep in mind that they have to satisfy their customers at any cost. The customers just have to be familiar with the sonic hours of dining to have a fantastic time eating fast food in a friendly environment. The opening hours of the Sonic is 7 AM in the morning as they provide breakfast items as well, so people like to visit them in early hours to avail their services for breakfast. The closing time is 12 AM in the night because people more often visit at night time, except Saturday when the restaurant closes at 2 AM at almost midnight. Sonic understands the love of people for the fast food when they get free from the working hours of the day and wishes to have fun at night that is why they remain open so late at night. Apart from daily timings, the restaurants remain open all seven days of the week.

TalkToSonic – Sonic Survey

To be successful in whatever business you own is what you wish for your whole life. There are little things that matter a lot in achieving success in a business life. One of the key point that you should never ignore is the customers you are dealing with while you are trying to be number one. It is really important to know what they have in mind for you because more the customer’s love you possess, more powerful you become gaining success as a result. Sonic keeping in mind all these things conducted a survey whose details are as following.

To Access the Sonic Survey:

  • You must have an internet device to access the online survey questionnaire of the Sonic.
  • You must be a legal residential citizen of Unites States.
  • You must have the receipt of the Sonic restaurant, not more than 14 days old.

To Attempt the survey at

  • Visit the website so you may be able to access the survey questionnaire of the Sonic.
  • Enter the ID number exactly as it is printed on the receipt of the Sonic restaurant.
  • Click the start button.
  • You have officially accessed the survey now.
  • Answer all the questions according to your experience at the Sonic restaurant.
  • Give your feedback at the end of the survey.

TalkToSonic – Advantages

As mentioned earlier that it is very important to hear what your customers have to say about your services, this feedback may also help in improving the quality of services that you are currently providing to the customers and make their next visit better than the previous by removing their complaints about you and this is only possible when you listen to them real close. This can be achieved by conducting a survey among the customers as Sonic did and it helped in finding their drawbacks in the eyes of their customers.

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