TD Auto Finance is one of the largest U.S. auto financing company that provides a very reliable, hassle-free and customer-friendly automotive experience and aims at providing a service tailored to your needs.

TD Auto Finance, part of TD Bank Group, was listed amongst the safest banks in America by the Global Finance Magazine and is one of the few AAA-related banks on the New York Stock Exchange list. TD Auto Finance, powered by TD, is listed amongst the top 5 bank-owned auto finance company that provides comprehensive auto finance solutions for customers. It has over 155 years of experience under its belt and strong local and community ties.

TD Auto Finance Guide

TD Auto Finance at provides various kinds of payment solutions which include online payments, standard mail, auto-pay, payment by phone and payment by debit card. In order to avail these services with ease, you must first register for an online TD Auto Finance account and profile. For further queries, you can contact TD Customer Service Representative at 800-556-8172.

TD Auto Finance Registration Procedure

The TD Auto Finance registration procedure is fairly simple. Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Make sure you have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), TD Auto Finance account number, the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number or Federal Tax Id number/EIN on the account, and a valid email address.
  2. Click the “Register Now” option given in the right margin, provide all the required information in the given fields and click “Submit” when you’re done
  3. To verify your account at, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox, containing a link that you must click within 48 hours in order to complete the account verification and registration process.
  4. Once registration is complete, you can easily access your account by logging in to view your statement, complete payment history and make online payments.

TD Auto Finance Password and Username Recovery Procedure

In case you are unable to recall your username, simply click on the “forgot username” link given in the login area and provide your email address associated with your TD Auto Finance account and your username will be sent to you on that email.

If you can’t recall your password, simply click the “forgot password” link and provide your username and the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number or Federal tax ID Number/EIN on the account and click “Continue” to proceed. In the next step, answer the security question. Click “Continue”, create a new password and click “Submit”.

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One comment on “TD Auto Finance – Solutions of Purchasing or Refinancing

  • Account# 1101671002 Vin# 2C4RDGCG8GR266797 Like to know and ask you if there’s any way you can Refinance my loan where the monthly payments can be lower compared to what my payments are since I’ve been paying them on time and always 15 days early from what the due date is. The other Creditor I had with the 2012 Town and Country Van I had was totaled last February 16 2016 and the party’s that was supposed to have paid that loan off didn’t pay Citizens Auto the money that they was supposed to have paid on time and I even tried to pay the balance that was showing March 31 2016 and they wouldn’t let me and I contacted the party that was the last party that supposed to paid that balance and they told me that they was going to send Citizens the amount that was showing April 6 2016 and thought they did but August 2016 I found out that they didn’t when Citizens reported ,e being 60 days late after mt credit score reached 740 where I was told I could get the 2016 Grand Caravan Refinanced when my credit score reached 740 but just has it made it to the 740 then Citizens auto Screwed me over and may credit score went down to 633 and I build it back up to 715 but I disputed the false report that Citizens Reported to all three Credit Bureau’s and won but after TransUnion let me win my dispute on April 22 2016 then just 60 days after that TransUnion Changed their minds and Changed Citizens auto back showing to being 60 days late and also Took All my Credit Points I build back up all gone again back to 633 but the other Two is still showing that Citizens was paid closed and never late. If Citizens auto wasn’t able tom screw me over for something that isn’t and wasn’t my Fault and I tried to pay the $1459.00 and they wouldn’t let me on March 31 2016. So please help me since you know I haven’t never ever been late paying the $699.72 I hope I’ve earned your trust where maybe you can Refinance My 2016 Grand Caravan where my APR can be lower and my payments can be lower for me PLEASE!!!! I’m Begging You to Help me since I can’t Find any place else that should be able to help me just because of what Creditor like you ( Citizens) get away hurting Consumers like me that hasn’t ans wasn’t never ever late with any of my payments with Citizens auto and was paying and making all my Payments just like the way I’m doing with you and those payments was due the same date has it’s being with T&D Auto Finance. You are My Last Hope. To me if I can’t fine this type of help then to me I should be able to just total out this Van if I can’t do what I was told I supposed to have been able to do Last Year September when that would have been my 6th month on time payments and my score would have been 740 or 750 buy September if Citizens auto was able to Screw me Over for the Last Party’s Not Paying what they supposed to have paid and sent in last March 2016.

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