Tell The Bell is an online survey organized by Taco Bell to get their customers’ feedback on their products and services. Participate in the survey to get a chance to win prizes and $500 cash. Through this online survey the restaurant wanted to keep a record of how well they are performing.

Are you getting bored eating Thai, Chinese and Italian? Do you need some iteration in your taste and fed up of tasting same kind of foods every day? If YES, then you must go for Mexican Taco food offered by Taco Bell. Mexican food is something that is somewhat different from other foods in terms of taste and texture a lot. Taco Bell is one of the restaurants that offers delicious Mexican Taco food and a taste you will never forget for the people who love to try different foods rather than going for same foods and same old taste every day.


Tell the Bell aka Taco Bell originated by Glen Bell in 1962 offering Mexican Style quick service is currently serving United States customers in more than 6,000 branches and are successfully managing more than 40 million customers each week. It is operated by YUM brand and it’s headquarter is situated in 1 Thurmont, MD Blvd Thurmont, United States. Taco Bell is running an effective business all across the United States and is loved by people because of its unique sense of taste which many restaurants lack. The reason for their success is that they just not consider their customers views rather they try to act upon their advice and implement them as well.

Food Items

There are many different Taco’s offered by Taco Bell restaurants all over the United States. Some of the most delicious Tacos of Taco Bell are:

  • Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch, A taco you will want to try the most.
  • Soft Taco supreme is a taco with great taste and you will surely love it.
  • One of the most famous and delicious Taco of Taco Bell is Double Decker Taco.
  • If you like chicken then you must try Chicken Soft Taco.
  • If you like to keep it simple and light as well as tasty then you should go for Taco Bell Crunchy Taco.

Tacos are loved by people not just because of their taste but also because they are so cheaply and easily available.

Taco Bell Survey –

Taco Bell organized an online survey i.e. Tell The Bell to get to know the views of their customers. Every one of their customers was welcomed to take part in the survey they conducted. Through this survey Taco Bell wanted to keep a record of how well they are performing as compared to other competitive restaurants at their level.

To attempt the Taco Bell Survey at

  • You must have visited Taco tell and have a 16 digit code on the receipt of the taco bell.
  • You must be 18 years old or above as well as you must be a citizen of United States.

To Access and answer the questionnaire

  • You must go to the website
  • You must enter the 16 digit code there which your receipt must have.
  • After entering the code, you can easily start and complete the survey.
  • You can even participate in the survey through mailing at PO 5703, Blaire NE 68009 and giving your feedback rather than participating online.


The basic purpose of conducting the survey was to record the performance of the Taco Bell in the views of its valued customers. Taco Bell wants the satisfaction of its customers at any cost. For this purpose, they try to serve great quality food all the time and the taste that the people will love. They need to know what people think about their food to achieve a higher rank than others in the eyes of their customers. This survey helps them to maintain their standard of other competitors. TellTheBell, Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey, also enables them to take a deep look at the negative aspects of the company to improve their performance and standards.

2 comments on “Tell the Bell: Participate in Taco Bell Survey to win prizes and $500 cash

  • Once again this location at 2475 Lake Way Drive in Russell Springs , KY IS THE WORST!
    I’ve been eating and loving Taco Bell for over 20 years and this location is the slowest, FILHIEST,
    Un-costomer friendly place I’ve ever been to. One, 20 minutes for one taco inside. Two, the sauces bin is crusty with open packets of sauce, Three, table look like they haven’t been wiped down all day, Four, the workspace is dirty as well as the floors. At 4:57 pm, only one person at the register, one at the drive-thru which is backed up around the bldg. and 3 people making food while one more is in the backroom. When you call, you get a fax machine. But the problem is it’s ALWAYS like this no matter what type of day. Then when you finally get your food, it is awful. This location hasn’t been updated since the 70’s and it makes me never want to ever go there or any other Taco Bell again. I’m sure the owner is paying off the health department.

  • Can’t find the TelltheBell survey. My experience at the Taco Bell in Daleville, IN has been VERY disappointing lately. Spent 20 minutes in drive-thru today and a couple of weeks ago, also. That is not fast food! Preparation of a gordita was horrible! Had one at another Bell that was so good I wanted another one. Daleville does not know how to prepare them apparently. The shell was not cooked, doughy. Very disgusting!

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