A Walmart MoneyCard is an option for people who can’t get a credit card or a bank account. It is a safer and convenient option. The card is available in both MasterCard and VisaCard; it can be used anywhere as the Walmart MoneyCard is acceptable in the United States. You can use this card for shopping, groceries, travel, gas stations, etc.

Who can get the card?

Anyone who is 18 years old or above is eligible to get the Walmart MoneyCard. Meanwhile, minors of age 16 or 17 years can get the card if they have their parents’ permission.

How to get a Walmart MoneyCard?

It is easy to get. There are two options to purchase the card:

  • You can go to buy the card from the nearest Walmart store. You can pick the card from any checkout lane in Walmart store. If you purchase the card directly from the store, then you have to pay a purchase fee.
  • You can also get the card online. Just fill a simple form with your necessary details at www.walmartmoneycard.com. The card will be mailed to your given address within 7-10 days. There is no purchase and overdraft fee if you order it online.

Types of WalmartMoneyCard

Walmart offers three types of money cards which are:

  • MoneyCard Basic: The Basic card has the lowest purchase fee of $1.88.It can be only used for purchases.
  • MoneyCard Plus: The Plus card has a higher purchase fee than the basic card which is $3. It can be used for purchases, transfer money and you can also pay bills online with this card.
  • MoneyCard Preferred: The Preferred card has the highest purchase fee of $4. This card among other features allows free reloads at Walmart store.

Some the same characteristics of these cards are:

  • The all have a foreign transaction fee of $2.
  • The ATM fee is $0 at pass money ATM and $2 for all other networks.
  • The monthly fee is $3 for all cards, but it can be waived under special conditions for the plus and preferred cards only.

If you lose your Walmart MoneyCard or if it gets stolen you can inform Walmart, they will cancel the card and send you a replacement, however, a replacement fee may apply.

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