If you are a resident or a citizen of Texas and want to avail all the benefits for yourself and your family provided by the government then you must visit the website http://www.mytexasbenefits.com/ in order to know more about the eligibility criteria to avail My Texas Benefits and also how to avail them.

At My Texas Benefit site you can “apply” and “apply for” many assistance programs including the following:

  • EBT Food Stamps
  • Medic Aid
  • Other Food Stamps
  • Affordable Auto Insurance
  • A Home Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance

If you are willing to ease up your life and that of your family’s then all you need is an internet access and visit the URL http://www.mytexasbenefits.com/. You will be redirected to the official homepage for My Texas Benefits which has a very simple and user friendly layout with all the benefit categories listed in the middle of the page for you to easily access under the heading “Related Links”. All you have to do is move your cursor to any of the categories and right click it once. The relevant links for that particular benefit category will then be displayed which will allow you to know about the eligibility criteria to avail that benefit, how to apply for it and will also provide you links to access the application forms.

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