Old Navy Hours of Operation – What time does Old Navy open? What time does Old Navy close? How to Participate in Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey to express feedback regarding services and products to get rewards?

Looking for trendy clothes to look stylish? There are many markets that offer you with a variety of clothes but you may not find them of any use because clothes are of low quality or the stuff used to stich them is not up to the mark or the colors may seem to be faded away. Thus, it is very difficult to find the clothes that are of good quality, bright colors and are stylish as well. You are very lucky if you have an Old Navy store in your town because now you don’t have to search all the stores in the whole town to have a good shopping of clothes. To avail a golden chance to get some amazing clothes you just need to be familiar with the Old Navy hours of services than you are good to go.


Old Navy is a clothing and accessories retailer chain being operated across the United States and is providing their customers with best of the quality of clothes and something that they will like. Old Navy, earlier known as Gap Outlets was founded in 1994 in Northern California, Colma, San Leandro and Pittsburg. The Old Navy headquarter s located in San Francisco. The major products they offer their customers with are clothes. The Old Navy also have international stores including their 12 stores that are being operated in Canada. The total number of locations that the Old Navy stores possess are more than 1020 in number.

Products Old Navy offers

The Old Navy stores offer some of the best quality clothes at their stores. These clothes are for Women, Men and kids of all ages. Their stores have a separate corner for baby clothing as well. You will find a variety of clothes at their stores that will equally match your requirements for the type of clothes you will want because they offer such a vast collection of clothes at the Old Navy which becomes nearly impossible that for the people to not to find something of their use. A very classic and stylish variety of jeans for women and men can also be found at their stores so next time if you want to buy jeans you might want to consider shopping at the Old Navy. Apart from casual wearing clothes you may also find some cools sweaters for winters here. The Old Navy provide something for everyone at their stores. People now don’t have to search from one store to other across the whole town to find the clothes of their needs. They can visit the Old Navy stores, simply have a look around the entire store collection and gather whatever types of clothes they require for themselves. Old Navy stores facilitate the women clothes more than others because they know that women have more concern in shopping than men have.

Old Navy Hours of Operation

People always ask about the Old Navy hours of providing services, and it is an important question as well for those who are planning to visit their stores to have a blast of a collection of stylish clothing. The official time for the opening of the Old Navy stores is 10 AM in the morning every day except for the Sunday when the store opens at 1 AM at the noon. The stores officially close at 9 p.m. all other days of the week and on Sunday, the stores close at 6 PM in the evening. The sores timings are a very concerned issue for the customers of the Old Navy because they have to remember the Old Navy hours of providing services to avail their services to buy some lovely clothes for themselves or their loved ones.

Old Navy Survey

Old Navy knows that they are their customer’s first love when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories. But a company is nothing without the backup of their customers and to keep the customers trust unbroken upon them it is important to listen what they have to say about your services and performance and make your services according to what they require from you. To check what the customers have in their views and how well satisfied the customers are with the performance of the company, the Old Navy conducted a survey among their customers.

To Access the Survey

  • You must possess an internet device so you may be able to access the online survey questionnaire of the Old Navy.
  • You must have the receipt of any of the Old Navy store.
  • You must be a resident of United States, Canada, Taiwan, Japan or China to attempt the survey questionnaire.

To Attempt the Survey

  • Visit the website survey4on.com to access the survey questionnaire.
  • Select your respective country from where you made the purchase.
  • Enter your age and select your gender from the options given on the screen.
  • Next you will be asked about the receipt information.
  • Enter the 5 digit store number mentioned on the receipt of the Old Navy store.
  • Enter the time and date of your visit at the Old Navy store.
  • Enter your personal information which is valid only.
  • You have now accessed the questionnaire successfully.
  • Answer all the questions in the questionnaire according to your experience at the Old Navy store.


If you keep on asking the customers feedback about your performance, this will help in improving your services that you are providing to your customers. It is really important to satisfy your customers so they may visit you again and again. The more the customers visit you, the more successful you will be considered in the marketing world and maximum revenue you will generate. This will also result in being at a higher level than that of your competitors in the market world. A survey, therefore, can help you to gather some information from your customers that will be later on proves to be very useful for the better future of the company. This may be a key point to achieve success in the company’s career.

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