Sync My Ride

Sync My Ride is an online service provided by Ford that allows users to periodically update their SYNC system. It also gives users owner support and information about their cars. About Ford Ford, registered as the Ford Motor Company, is a United States based automaker. The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, and… Read More


MyRegistry is an online service that allows users to create gift registries of different types around the world. It offers benefits such as registries for Non-profits, and mobile services and inspiration boards. About Universal Gift Registry: MyRegistry is a service that provides Universal Gift Registry. The website was launched in 2005. The website allows people… Read More

Lord &Taylor

Lord &Taylor has created MyLordandTaylor – an online portal available for employees to create an account and login. This online portal allows employees to access confidential details and information. About Lord &Taylor Lord & Taylor is a commercial corporation under the Hudson’s Bay company. The company is one of the oldest luxury companies in the… Read More

My Flex Online

MyFlexOnline is an online service designed to help users create online accounts that they can register and login to. The site can be used to gain access to information and details about your MyFlexOnline account and aims to facilitate consumers and users by creating an online portal that can give them secure access. How to… Read More

Works! Pay Log in

It Works! Visa Prepaid Card can be accessed through online It Works! Pay Portal that allows users to transfer funds from a bank account into the Pay Portal for online use. This makes paying for online services more secure at It Works! Is a service provided by the Bancorp Bank. About The Bancorp Bank… Read More


Technology is an essential part of every individual’s life; you wake up with the sound of the alarm on your smartphone and go to sleep while watching TV. The sheer amount of technology at your disposal can get overwhelming at times, especially when the bills start piling up. But with My Rogers, you can have… Read More


Founded in 1955 by Bill Amos, Paul Amos, and John Amos, Aflac is the largest supplemental insurance provider in the United States of America. A Fortune 500 company, Aflac has given financial protection to over 50 million people throughout the world. Although, it is headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, members can access it via their online… Read More

My PayCheck Direct

Have you ever been reluctant to make a big purchase because that one big payment will make an even bigger dent in your wallet? Well, those days are now over; with PayCheck Direct, you can buy what you want when you want with interest free payments. A subsidiary of Bluestem Brands, Inc., PayCheck Direct is… Read More


We all know the hassle of carrying cash in your pocket, which often comes short of the required amount when buying things. With a prepaid debit card, you never have to carry cash ever again, but with MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card the benefits go a step further with text and email alerts, free direct deposits,… Read More


Everyone knows the hassle of controlling your home or business’ temperature and keeping it at that perfect point which keeps everyone happy. But it’s even more difficult to keep your home or business energy efficient. That is where My Total Connect Comfort comes in; it brings energy efficiency to your fingertips, through their online portal… Read More


Founded by Chad Laurans and recommended by The New York Times, NBC, FOX News and Fortune, My SimpliSafe makes keeping your homes secure easier than ever before. For a long time, alarm and home security companies have scared their customers into signing long-term contracts for systems that are over-priced and outdated. These systems are not… Read More


Managing a business can be overwhelming; there a thousand different pieces that keep the overall machine of the business running smoothly and it is often quite difficult to keep an eye on every single piece. To make things easier for employers and business organizations, there are now several cloud-based solutions available, and one such solution… Read More


The 21st century has seen revolution in the way we make purchases, and the day is not long off when cash will become obsolete. Before that day comes, one needs to make sure they are ready with their own credit, debit or prepaid cards. MyPrepaidCenter provides you not only with Visa, American Express, MasterCard and… Read More


Today’s busy world has made it harder to keep up with your old friends, let alone making new ones; with everyone busy doing something different, meeting up with people is often a long-winded chore of planning, postponing and cancellations. So, if you feel like your friends are never around and you want new people to… Read More


We all know how hard it is to meet new people, especially ones who share your interests and would be compatible with you. And if you narrow it down to meeting single black people, the task gets even harder. But the days of endless bad dates are now over, with BlackPeopleMeet you can choose the… Read More

Insurance verification

Life is a fickle thing; you never know what might happen in the next year, week or even the next second, which is why you need to secure your future as much as you can. One way of doing this is through insurance, and keeping your insurance information up to date is a crucial part… Read More

Control Prepaid MasterCard

Control Prepaid MasterCard is more than just a debit card; it allows you to manage every aspect of your money, easily and securely. Without credit checks, overdraft fees, credit card debt, and interest or late fees, you can have better control over your money and your life through the Control Prepaid MasterCard. You also benefit… Read More