Many retailer stores are providing their customers with many of the facilities, but they are not serving their customers like Safeway, who are facilitating their customers with online grocery, meals and pharmacy shopping as well as they are serving with their stores present all across the United States. People prefer shopping from here as Safeway has managed to gain people’s trust for more than 100 years and people know that they will be treated best at their stores. All the customers have to do is be familiar with the Safeway hours of opening and closing of the stores so they may be able to avail chances to be facilitated with their services.


Safeway is more than a 100 years old company that is providing services to their customers and satisfying them. The company first originated in 1915 in American Falls, Idaho, United States when Marion purchased his father’s grocery store. The founder of Safeway is Marion Barton Skaggs. The Safeway headquarter located at Pleasanton, California, United States. There are 2,205 numbers of total locations that the Safeway possess. They are providing their services to their customers as supermarkets by more than 250,000 employees working only to serve them.

Category of products at Safeway

Some products are offered by the Safeway to their customers. Safeway is also serving their customers with fuel facilities as they have fuel stations at some of their stores at discounted rates for the customers who have shopped grocery at their stores. On 2005, Safeway started a campaign with the name of “Ingredients for Life” to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The purpose of this campaign was to facilitate their customers with more brand involvement at their stores. Many of the Safeway stores were converted to this “LifeStyle” format and it was observed that people loved this new format of the store and visited it more because they loved all the items that were offered by the Safeway. You just need to remember the Safeway hours of serving customers to visit them avail their offers.

  • Safeway offers bakery and dairy items at their stores mostly in the morning to their customers.
  • They also facilitate their customers with dry cleaning corner at their stores and many people love this service provided by them.
  • A variety of frozen foods can be easily found at the Safeway stores so next time when you need foods that are out of the season and are not found fresh, and you can buy the frozen food as alternate to them.
  • Safeway provides a wide range of drugs and medicines to their stores in their pharmacy corners and sells medicines at discounted rates to their customers.
  • You will be surprised to find out that people are also offered with photographic processing facility at the Safeway stores in some quality work done by their professional employees. This facility will not be found at all their stores.
  • A variety of seafood will be found at the Safeway stores for the seafood lovers.
  • Different snack foods are also present at all the Safeway stores.

Safeway Hours

As Safeway is providing such amazing facilities for their customers and are offering them for so many products, people have to visit them to avail these products from their stores, but they must keep in mind the Safeway hours of serving the customers to avoid any difficulty. The opening time for the Safe stores officially is 10 AM all other days in the morning and 9:30 AM on Saturday. The closing time for the Safeway stores 8:30 p.m. all the days and 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. They know that people feel convenient at visiting the stores between these hours that is why they have selected these timings. The store remains open all seven days of the week.


Safeway conducted a survey to check their reputation with their customers and to find out the services they lack regarding performance according to their customers. It is very important that you keep on asking your customers for their feedback of yourself. This way you will be able to improve the quality of services that you are providing to your customers.

To Access the survey

  • You need to have an internet device so that you may be able to access the online survey questionnaire on the Safeway website.
  • You must own a receipt of the Safeway store so you may be able to attempt the survey questionnaire and enter the sweepstake.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to attempt the survey questionnaire.

To Attempt the survey

  • Visit the website to access the online survey questionnaire.
  • Enter the time of your visit at the Safeway store.
  • Enter the date of your visit to the store.
  • Enter the serial number printed on the receipt of the Safeway.
  • Now click the Start button.
  • Answer all the questions in the survey according to your experience at the Safeway stores.


A survey is the best way to gather information about your reputation among your customers. It is the views of the customer about you that matters the most. The customers will be the source key to your success in the world of the marketing. Plus if you keep your customers happy you will be able to compete with your competitors as well. So it is important to find out that what your customers think about you and always try to make the next visit of the customers better than their last visit so they may visit you more often.

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