88Sears.com is the human resource website for employees of Sears Holding Corporation. These employees can check their pay checks; update their contact info, discount policies and many other facilities it provides to employees. You must login to get all these benefits if you are employee of Sears Corporation. MyHR Home Page (88Sears) employee portal is designed for only Sears employee to get updates from their administrative.

How to sign in MyHR Home Page (88Sears) account

Following steps should be followed to create 88Sears login account:

  • First go to the link https://www.88sears.com/login then a page will appear which contains spaces to enter your enterprise id (given to employees for their identification) and password.
  • Than please set your password, for your security your password must be enough strong and it must contains some characters other than alphabets, and it must be easy enough so that you may remember it.
  • Press login to sign in.

How to create 88Sears account

To make user id on MyHR Home Page (88Sears.com) web portal is not a difficult task you just have to follow given steps to create your record on their database.

  • First go to the link https://www.88sears.com/login a page will appear where you spaces are available to fill your enterprise id and password in the grey dialog box in the right top corner so that you may login but below their an option is given to create current 88Sears login account log on you must click on that option to sign up.
  • Than a page will appear demanding your PIN and login id you must enter both to create your account.
  • You can reset your PIN below their where a space is made to enter your PIN an option with reset your PIN is given click on that option.
  • Enter your login id, date of birth and zip code click update button to reset your PIN.

Benefits of creating 88Sears login account

  • Help to check working schedules, and new working hours.
  • Information about many benefit notices, retirements policies, pension polices,
  • Saving plan information.
  • Associate stock purchase guidelines.
  • Payroll debit and credit cards

In short it provides detail information about your work and affairs in Sears Corporation.

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