Have you visited any Kroger store yet? Are you a Kroger customer? Then you better not waste your receipt and try your luck to win a prize by completing Kroger Feedback survey. Go through a short Kroger Feedback survey at www.krogerfeedback.com to get fuel points and a $5000 gift card prize by just expressing your views on the services provided by the company.

Kroger is an American retailer store that is providing their services all around United States. Kroger is ranked as the fifth largest successful retailer stores being operated in the world. Kroger is currently operating 2778 retailer stores. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The reason of the company’s success is that they hear their customers regularly through their Kroger Feedback survey which is available online for the customers of the company.

How to access the Kroger Feedback Survey

  • You need to be a customer of the Kroger store and have a receipt of the store to access the Kroger Feedback Survey questionnaire.
  • You must know the web link www.krogerfeedback.com, and you must have a PC or a Laptop to access this web link to get to the website where you will be finding the survey questionnaire.
  • You must be a legal resident of United States to attempt the survey questionnaire.

How to enter in the Kroger Feedback Survey

  • First you need to access the web link www.krogerfeedback.com. This web link will directly lead you to the Kroger’s website that was created to collect the feedback of the customers through a survey questionnaire.
  • Once you have accessed this web link you need to have the receipt of the Kroger store with you while trying to attempt the survey questionnaire.
  • First of all you need to enter the date in the first provided space to you. Note that you will be providing the same date that has been mentioned on your Kroger receipt.
  • Next you need to enter the time of your visit at the store, which again is mentioned on the receipt of the store.
  • In the last you need to enter the Entry ID exactly written on your receipt.
  • After entering all the details click on the “start” button present right below these options.
  • After this you can answer all the survey questions that are provided to you and get yourself a chance to win a reward from the company.

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  • have been a customer of the Kroger store in conyers for almost forty years, I have enjoyed the quality and diversity and I’ve had ready help when i needed to understand my prescriptions and sometimes had to take something back, but over all and my ninety-two year old ww2 husband feels the same way, I can’t always go with him but he has no trouble finding it or getting help in this way

  • I go in so often that we are justvabout all on first name basis and I love it. I once workewe in three different grocery stores in Harrisburg and loved my customers too. Abby, Jennifer, Cheryl, Golda, Terry, and John and Sydney in the Pharmacy just to name a few.

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