MI Bridges, also known as Michigan Bridge Program, at www.michigan.gov/mibridges is a government initiative to provide people with access to Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Cash Assistance, State Emergency Relief and Child Development and Care. The program is aimed at improving the quality of life of common people. All those who satisfy the criteria can apply to receive the benefits.

The following article will provide detailed guidelines and instructions for the residents of Michigan on how to apply for the MI Bridges Program benefits online by creating an account.

Applying For Benefits at MI Bridges – Procedure

Applying for benefits at MI Bridges is a fairly simple procedure. The application can be completed in a few short and simple steps which have been detailed as follows for your convenience:

  • Click the “Apply for Benefits” button
  • Click the “Start a new application for Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Cash Assistance, Child Development & Care, and/or State Emergency Relief…”option and click “Next” to proceed
  • You must create an account before you start your application which should not take more than a few minutes. You can create an account by simply clicking the “Create an account” option below
  • Enter your full name, create a user ID and password. Also select your security questions and provide their answers as these will be needed if you need to recover your password should you forget it. After you have provided all the required information, click “Create an Account” to proceed
  • Click on the link on the screen to log in with your new user ID and password. You can only start your application once you have logged in
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the instruction page. Read all the requirements and click “Next” to proceed
  • Follow the given instructions to complete the application. Once you have filled out the application, submit it.

Useful Links

Michigan.gov Home – http://www.michigan.gov/

Michigan.gov – MI Bridges – http://www.michigan.gov/mibridges

Michigan Benefit Access – http://www.mibenefitsaccess.org/partners

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