is designed to indulge the needs of employees of United Parcel Services. UPS employees can access their pay online, to know their working schedules and happenings of company to attain knowledge about anything related to UPS.

How to access

Access UPSers (UPS Enterprise Portal) at or just copy paste this link in space bar where you type different websites on the very top of your web browser and just click search or press enter button from your keyboard.

How to create UPS Enterprise Portal account

Just follow simple steps to make UPSers login:

  • First go to link a page will open with the option to enter your user ID and password in the bottom center, a temporary password which will be assigned to you as a PIN than you need to create a proper password.
  • You will be registered with your user ID in web portal of UPSers.

How to log in to account

Follow simple steps to log in to your UPSers account:

  • Go to link then a page will appear with options to enter your user ID and password in the bottom center.
  • Type your User ID and password in the space than press log in button; you will be logged in to the account.

How to recover your UPS Enterprise Portal ( account

If you forget your password than it is very easy task to recover your account:

  • If you forgot your password than go to link and type user ID in given space in the top left corner.
  • You have just three chance to give answer of security question after entering valid ID, otherwise your account will be locked for next 15 minutes.
  • If you want that your account to get reset visit this link
  • After opening this link enter your user ID in the space given and press submit button, now UPSers desk will help you to reset your ID.

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