Isn’t it fascinating that you can enable your mobile phone to be used as a remote control for sharing and adding YouTube videos with your friends or on social media by pairing it with a TV or your game console instead of just watching YouTube videos the old-school style on your PC? Well, now this multitasking is possible on your paired device while watching a video on your TV.

About YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing network and hub where people can create videos and discover. The site was founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and was acquired Google as its subsidiary in 2006.

Pairing Your Device – A Step-by-Step Guide

Devices that can be paired include your phone, tablet or computer which can be paired to YouTube on your TV or game console. This pairing process is not a complicated procedure at all and can be done conveniently by following the step by step guidelines below:

  1. Visit the downloaded and installed YouTube application on your TV or game console.
  2. Then locate and visit the option “Settings” and select the option “Pair Device”
  3. After you have completed this, visit the URL and type in your pairing code as displayed on your TV and press the button “Add this TV” to complete the pairing process.

Alternatively, you could also try the following method:

  1. Visit the YouTube application on your cell phone or mobile web app at or visit the URL if you’re connected to the internet on your PC
  2. Locate and visit the option “Settings” and select “Connected TV’s”. If you have an android device, click the link “Add a TV”.
  3. Then type in the code displayed on your TV screen or game console

If you have connected to the same Wi-Fi on your mobile device as your paired TV or game console, you will automatically be paired without doing it manually. In order to stay connected via the same Wi-Fi router, click the Wi-Fi option on your device, to shift videos to and fro from your device and TV while you can access further videos by visiting the YouTube app on your device.

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